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Changes in the driving test

The date has been set. The driving test will change on 4th December 2017.

The changes in the driving test are intended to decrease accidents on the roads and increase the safety standards of new drivers. One technique is that the examiner will now question or talk to the driver whilst they’re driving. Small distractions such as these happen all the time when you’ve passed your test, to ensure that a new driver will still be safe under more distracting conditions. Another change is pulling up on the right in the reverse back before joining the traffic on the correct side of the road. They have also altered the independent drive so 1 in 5 drivers will follow a satnav, rather than the usual sign following.

Several manoeuvres have also been modified. As well as the standard reverse into a bay, there will be the option to drive into a parking bay then to reverse to the left or right. The turn in the road and reverse to the left will be taken out of the test, although the DVSA still want driving instructors to teach this as it may be used as a driving manoeuvre.

The price of the driving test and the length will not change.

So even if your test still seems far away, why not ask your driving instructor about the changes? I’m sure, just like me, they’ll love to teach you to both become safer on the roads and confidently pass your test.


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