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What to expect from your driving instructor

So you are going to start having driving lessons which you are looking forward to. What is your driving instructor like? what am I going to learn? along with other thoughts going through your mind.

Well, let me advise you what you should not see your driving instructor doing these sort of things it may be worth looking somewhere else.

As per the code of conduct which all approved driving instructors must abide by. Some of them I will now advise you on. Driving instructors must always act in a professional manner, they should always go through their terms and conditions so you know where you stand if something like sickness or late cancellation. Another point is that they can not at short notice cancel your driving test without your permission. If you get a driving instructor shouting at you change straight away as they will never be patient with anyone so don’t give them the opportunity to keep shouting and making you nervous.

One thing that is not on the code of conduct is if you are teaching something you should have some passion for creating safe drivers and that it is not just about earning money (but that is my view).  The car you are learning in should be safe for you to drive also think does it look too old to be safe.

If you have failed your test and have decided to go to another instructor are they making you wait as long as the learning you had done before. If so question why they believe that it will take as long as that, then maybe get a second or third opinion.

If they are making sexual advances to you stop your lesson there and report them first to the franchise they are with if they are with one or you could go further through the DVSA but that should be your last resort.

You must remember one thing your driving instructor is a professional teacher and must abide by the rules so if they don’t take action.

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