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So you have picked your driving school and start to wonder how your driving lessons are going and what you can look forward to for your next lesson. Ask the driving instructor how you are going listen to any points they give you for you to pick up on and if they suggest something get that practice in as if you do not you may still make the same mistake and get even more frustrated. It is always nice when things are going good but when your driving lessons start badly in your mind ask the instructor what can you do to improve and make things better.

Remember it is your ambition to learn to drive but unless you ask your instructor for extra tips it may take longer for you to pass your test than if you did extra it may help quite a lot. I am sure they will help you if you want to learn more while you are not with your instructor.

Your driving instructor is just like the teachers you had at school. they are professionals who are able to teach you how to drive, and hopefully, make you a safe driver at the same time. If this is not happening for you and the learning is not taking place talk to them first to see if you are not picking the right things up on your driving lessons. Also, think am I trying to rush the instructor so I may not be learning instead just wanting to run before you can walk.

Speaking as a driving instructor I want people to learn but not too fast and forget some but also I will never go so slow that you get bored. If your lessons are not interesting and the instructor says they are doing all they can then it might be wise to look for another within the driving school or find another driving school.

Remember it is you that wants to learn to drive so try and make the instructor make if fun for you.

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