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Driving with 12 points or more

How many people do you know that are driving with 12 points on their licence?

You are a new driver you have passed your driving test and the first thing your examiner advises you is. ” Get 6 penalty points or more in your first 2 years and then you will lose your licence”.

So what about all these people that you hear on the news that has more than the 12 points allowed. Although in the highway code it states that if you gain 12 or more points on your driving licence you MAY lose your licence. Now some people reading this will think so what, but should there be this discrimination against the newer drivers who have less experience.

I have spoken to my local MP who took the matter as far as he could,  as he is a Labour party there is not much more he can do he advised me.

So I have created a petition for us to get the votes and help get these people that are continuously breaking the law and making our roads unsafe for us.

Just to advise you that even if you only get 6 points in the first 2 years no court will take into consideration how it will affect your personal life and personal circumstances you will have your driving licence revoked and you will have to start with doing the theory test again. But you fellow drivers that have been driving for over 2 years can use that they will lose income and personal circumstances will change. The courts will take this into consideration and even if they are driving with 12 or more points still be able to drive around.

So come on people lets make our roads safer and start getting people with 12 points or more banned from our roads. Click on the link below and let us get the Government talking and changing it so those with 12 or more points also have their licence revoked.

Sign the petition Here



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