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Is it safe to drive

It’s what everyone’s asking: is it safe to drive in Leeds or, for that matter, anywhere in the UK?

You’re driving around on your driving lesson when, suddenly, a car overtakes you in a 20 mph school safety zone, doing at least 30 mph. You know there’s a reason for the speed limit law, so why does this still happen and why do people get away with it?

The police do all they can with the resources they have, but unfortunately, the culprits don’t always get caught. When they do, however, the highway code gives some wriggle room. It states that you may lose your licence if you break the driving laws, but ‘may’ allows those that do get caught and prosecuted to manipulate the system. For instance, perpetrators often claim that losing their driving licence will put them out of work. This means that many people escape with points on their licence or a warning, rather than losing their license. The roads are more dangerous than they otherwise might be.

If you want your family and friends safe on our roads, maybe the law needs to change. It should no longer be that speeding drivers may lose their licence but will lose their licence. That might make those pushy or unsafe drivers hesitate before breaking the law, as well as those who still use their mobile phones while driving.

As a driving instructor, I see too many stupid things on our roads and I’m sure you do too. But we can make a difference. Always be road-safety conscious and remind those you love to do the same. We want to see fewer deaths and perhaps even (god forbid!) polite people making UK roads a better place to drive.

If you want your simple action to make our roads safer, click the link below. There’s no excuse for unsafe driving.

Make our roads safer




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