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It’s all about the clutch!

Here Mike will show you not to worry too much about the clutch. Remeber when you are driving it does not matter if you stall your car. Just laugh at yourself, get composed and restart your car and drive off. Don’t be bothered by other road users, Just get yourself going again. Remeber the people behind you do not know you so why should you care what they think about your driving.

Bitting point

So your going to move off you have put it in gear and you think you are ready to move off hand break taken off you start rolling backwards and lift the clutch really fast and stall it and blame this on your clutch. Well, guess what it is you not the clutch. Before you move off get your bitting point if you are on a hill get the car really grumbling at you, then make your observations release your handbrake and your car should start moving when it does lift your clutch the rest of the way up and you will not stall if you do not rush it.


You are driving along the road and you need to stop, so you have picked where you are stopping you have checked your mirrors then you signal, steer into position the first you must start to use your break then when the car starts to slow down it will start to judder it is then you put your clutch fully down and then press your break a little more and it will stop. This will not stall the car it just makes it safer when stopping. Just imagine coming down a very steep hill on a bicycle with no breaks, It can be as severe when stopping when you put your clutch down first.

Hope this helps you.



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