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Driving schools in Leeds.

Driving in Leeds has been going for many years. But look how busy it has become over the years. A good example is that in the 70’s and 80’s is was a lot easier to get around Leeds on the bus, or for those who had a car, it was a lot quicker due to not as many cars on the road.

For those of  you that may remember Vicar Lane in Leeds was only one way and Briggate also had buses and cars driving up, to pass the Odeon cinema.

When they made Vicar Lane two way the first day I remember well as I was driving the 52 bus, driving up North street to find massive queues leading on to Vicar Lane  a long the side of the now flat ABC cinema. With that implementation we then restricted traffic driving around Leeds.

There is now the Loop to get round the city centre which was supposed to ease traffic in the city centre.

The traffic around Leeds is now even worse than before, due to the building of  the new shopping centre.

Now the question is how can we make it safer to drive around the city centre?

Would it be good to do a congestion charge? How about buses? should they be cheaper to encourage  people to use public service. Or should the council allow a lot more car parks.

This is the question for most major city’s around the world has anyone got the best answer for safer driving and roads.

For me I think that we need to reduce the volume of traffic to help with the back logs of traffic. You may be asking how do we reduce traffic. The simple way as I see it, is for all people prosecuted  for traffic offences to  be banned from the road for a long period. Then for them to go on a advance course of driving with very skilled instructors, for example the police officers with many years experience.

Well Thank you for taking the time to read this if you would like to give your own view, please feel free to comment I will read every comment.



Mike McGowan