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While doing your driving lessons around Leeds, you will be asked to do a turn in the road. This simply describes turning the car around to face the opposite direction, without touching the kerbs. It used to be the three-point turn, although this name isn’t used by driving instructors or in the test any longer as a turn in the road can be safely done in three, five, seven (or more if need be!) points.

First, compose yourself for this task. Manoeuvres can be daunting initially, but with a certified driving instructor such as myself teaching you, you’ll learn to drive confidently and safely before you know it!

Find your biting point with the clutch – no gas is needed for this movement and it’ll keep you moving slowly and controlled. Once you have done all your checks, such as mirrors and blind spots, release your handbrake and begin to move forward. Quickly turn your steering wheel to the right until it will turn no more (full lock). Constantly look around to ensure you are safe. Once your driver’s side mirror appears to sit on the path, stop, put your hand break on and change into reverse gear. Check all around again to make sure you are safe to continue. Find biting point and, once you start moving, focus out of the back window (while still checking that there are no obstacles or dangers, such as pedestrians). Steer quickly to the left until the steering wheel turns no more (full lock). Then look to see if the blue dot on the driver’s side passenger door is touching the kerb. If it is, stop, put the hand break on and go into first gear. Find biting point and look all around. Steer to the right and the car should have completely turned around. If not, you can repeat the steps to move backwards again until the manoeuvre is completed.

Remember, your driving examiner wants to see you do this slowly and safely. If you can do that, you should have no problems with this manoeuvre.

I hope this helps you master the turn in the road and pass your driving test.

Safe driving,

Mike McGowan