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Qualified Driving Instructors

Franchise Fee £55.00 per week
Stationary £0.00

Driving Instructor Training

Option 1

Part 1 for ADI £35.00
Part 2 Training £35.00 * per hour
Part 3 Training £35.00 * per hour
50 hours of training for both parts two and three is £1487.00. That’s 15% less than by the hour and includes part 1.
The cost for the car – You can buy a car independently, or I can pass you onto a very good leasing company for dual control cars.

Option 2

Train for free.

You would be able to access the theory and, once passed, up to 50 hours of training for both parts two and three. With this option, you must stay with the franchise for a minimum of two years. This allows you to train with minimum outlay (just test fees) and, working for my independent Leeds franchise, guarantees customers when you finish.

Driving Instructors in Leeds

  • note this training is done 121.