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Below you will find a video on how to reverse to the left. I will know give you a written version so you will be able to break it down to learn it in stages. Your examiner with ask you to pull up in a safe legal and convenient place, once you have done this your examiner will say I would like you to do the reverse to the left on the next junction do you have any questions?.

Then it is time for you to move off and check that it is safe for you to do the manoeuvre the examiner will also advise you if it is not safe for you to do it on that junction, they will advise you of this and ask you to carry on driving. Remember to be reasonably close to the kerb remember not too close.

Once in position you the need to select reverse gear and starting on your right blind spot with observation all the way round to your back window, you can the start moving back keeping an eye on your reference point and stopping to make sure it is still safe to continue.

You are the at your reference point to start turning so at this point you look all the way round again to make sure you can start to turn as the front of your car will start to swing out. (Remember to stop the car before you look around as you always have to look the way you are moving).

So you follow the kerb around reasonably close to the kerb with good checks to make sure it is safe to continue to drive.

Once you see you reversing reference point coming back into the position you then need to straighten your car up and continue around 4 car lengths back and stop or the examiner with say thank you.

They with then say move on when you are ready and we will turn left/right at the end of the road.

That is the reverse to the left completed you can then continue with the rest of your test. I really hope this breakdown will make it a lot easier for you to learn the manoeuvre. And I look forward to showing you this lesson to help you gain more experience on how to learn to drive.



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