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Learning to drive in Leeds

When you are learning to drive in Leeds, one of the things you will learn about is roundabouts, they may come across as quite scary, but with practice and a good understanding of how they work, then you will wonder why you worried about them.

Roundabout allows traffic to approach in different directions, allowing traffic to pass each other, sometimes without unnecessary stopping, in a safe way. Some roundabout in Leeds have traffic lights on them, this helps keeps the traffic moving. You need to look ahead when approaching a roundabout, as the road sign will give you a good clear indication as to what direction you need to take, allowing you to get into the correct lane in anticipation of the direction you are heading.

You must never straddle lanes, or change lanes at the last minute, if you find you are in the wrong lane stay in that lane, and either go all the way around the roundabout or depending on which lane you are in, come off the roundabout, find somewhere safe to turn around and re-enter the roundabout…..You must always use the MSM/PSL routine for roundabouts.

The correct way to approach a roundabout when you are learning to drive in Leeds are

• Turning left; approach in the left-hand lane, indicating left, stay in that lane on the roundabout, until you have completed the left turn onto a new road. Making sure you indicator stays on until you reach the new road.

• Going straight ahead; No signal is necessary on approach for this one, approach in the left lane, unless signs tell you otherwise, stay in the same lane around the roundabout, you only need to indicate when you have passed the 1st exit, but before the exit you want to take, again you need to keep indicating until you are on the road you wished to take.

• Turning right or full circle; You indicate right as you approach, in the right-hand lane, stay in that lane and maintain your indication on the roundabout, indicate left just after you have passes the last exit, but before the one you want to intend to use, again keep indicating until you are on your new road.

• You must also check in your mirrors before you enter a new road. If there are more than 2 lanes, then you need to follow the road markings, and take the most appropriate lane for the direction you want to go in.


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