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So your thinking of being a driving instructor, but who do you pick, you dont know who is a good company to work for and then you have the cost of the training which is somewhere between £2 and £3 thousand pounds plus exam fees.

I have another option for you in this day an age we are Struggling with getting that sort of money together so this is what I offer to any one who wants to become a driving instructor.

I will provide you with all the trainging you need to pass your tests which includes access to practice for your theory test, hours of traing to pass your driving test and hours of training to pass part 3 of the test which is the teaching test.

The cost to you is 2 years tied to my driving school paying franchise fees. This is a fantasic offer as the only outlay you have is the test fees when you are ready to take your test. Once you have passed your tests and can start earning money as I will get you business to then give up your job and live the life of being a driving instructor.

So if you think that you want to join the team why not contact mike and lets get you started on your new career as a driving instructor




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