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Driving school Leeds

Driving school Leeds So you want to pick a driving school  Leeds. Which one is the best for you. Well my advice is I am the best driving school, but I would be biased about that. So when you are looking for an instructor some things to think about when picking your school. Are they available for all the times you want to have your lessons. Has the instructor been reviewed by other learners. Is the car suitable for me to learn in as some cars are not suitable for all people. How does that driving school teach the learners?  [...]

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The new driving test.

New driving test   The new driving test started just one month ago. Have you had and people that have had the new driving test? For me,  3 people have taken the new test in both, Leeds driving test centre and Horsforth driving test centre. My first student on the new driving test was, at the Horsforth test centre, she thought that the new test was better than the old test. Kendall said, " I felt happier following the sat nav, as this had me thinking about my driving and also the sat nav." The other two tests, were at the Leeds [...]

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It’s all about the CLUTCH!

It's all about the clutch So your driving around on your driving lesson. Then you stall the car a few times and start to get really frustrated with yourself. So why not have yourself a giggle and watch the video that that was made to show you, not to get too upset over stalling your car. I would like to thank 2 of my students for helping me produce the video. Steven G Walters and Damian   Let Mike show you what to do when you stalled:     Home

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Is It Safe to Drive?

It’s what everyone’s asking: is it safe to drive in Leeds or, for that matter, anywhere in the UK? You’re driving around on your driving lesson when, suddenly, a car overtakes you in a 20 mph school safety zone, doing at least 30 mph. You know there’s a reason for the speed limit law, so why does this still happen and why do people get away with it? The police do all they can with the resources they have, but unfortunately the culprits don’t always get caught. When they do, however, the highway code gives some wriggle room. It states [...]


Driving with Satellite Navigation

When you want to use your satellite navigation to get you to where you want to go have you ever thought of where you should put it while driving around. One area that people seem to put the satellite navigation is at the top of their windscreen right in the centre, have you thought how dangerous that could be as you are limiting where you can see, if you put it anywhere on your window screen this will at some point distract you as you want to know where to go along the road. People are unaware of where [...]

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Good Driving Instructor

So what does a good driving instructor look like? Well I would would like to think that I am a good driving instructor but that is my opinion. In my view a good driving instructor has to have a lot of time for each individual as they all have different speeds that they learn at. It is also good for the driving instructor to be honest in the whole approach to the learner. Sometimes some driving instructors, say that they are doing really well but infact they are not some of the drivng instructors seem to think this is a [...]

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