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Driving school Leeds

Driving school Leeds

So you want to pick a driving school  Leeds. Which one is the best for you. Well my advice is I am the best driving school, but I would be biased about that.

So when you are looking for an instructor some things to think about when picking your school.

Are they available for all the times you want to have your lessons. Has the instructor been reviewed by other learners.

Is the car suitable for me to learn in as some cars are not suitable for all people.

How does that driving school teach the learners?  Do they teach in a way that is suitable  for how you learn and do they look for your needs as a learner.

One of my favourite things I like when I started my driving school in Leeds was that I would always try to make my learners relaxed but have some fun getting the safe way to drive across to them.

But also do they cover the area that you want to learn to drive in.

Once you have picked your driving school  Leeds, are they on time every time if not do they let you know that they are running late. (Remember they are human and may be very ill so may not to let you know why they have not turned up).

So you have now some ideas on what to do before picking your driving school Leeds.

If you don’t want to use my driving school why not try Drive Rite Driving school 

So just remember one thing when picking your driving school Leeds. You are the customer so if you are not getting the service you think you should be getting, then let them know and see if they can resolve it, if not leave them, I myself would not expect you to stay with me if you are not happy with the service I provided.


I Hope you have found this information useful and I look forward to may be teaching you how to drive.

Safe driving

Mike McGowan


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