Disadvantages of driving

Thinking about learning to drive can be costly. There is the initial cost of getting your provisional license, and then there are your driving lessons, with the average costing of £35 a lesson, although they may be driving instructors in Leeds that do a discount for block booking.

After you have passed, you have then all the costs of owning a car, firstly you have got to buy one, then get it insured and taxed, and it is probably advisable to get breakdown cover, then you have got your fuel costs on top.

You then need to think about the servicing that it needs to have, every year, although this can help to keep it in tip-top condition

Although doing your own regular maintenance rather than taking your car to a garage might save you some money, after all, because of the “Show Me, Tell Me questions, now incorporated in the driving test, you are required to know certain aspects of basic maintenance.

Driving to work every day can also be a disadvantage, how much time will you spend sitting in traffic?

 Maybe thinking about either changing your hours at work or looking at other transportation costs, after all, can you park either on work grounds or nearby for free, or do you need to pay parking fees, which can be very costly.

Can you car share with a colleague that lives near you, that might help cut costs down for you both as well as wear and tear on the car.

There are unfortunately a lot of costs with owning a car, and there are both advantages and disadvantages to keeping a car. The choice is yours.