Drinking and driving are about one of the worst things to do, getting behind the wheel when you have been drinking, is an accident waiting to happen, it’s not if, but most probably when.

I have zero tolerance for anybody that drinks and drives, not that anything has ever happened to my family or friends, they have never been in an accident caused by a drunk driver.

I just think of myself getting that knock on the door, and opening it to see the police standing outside, how I would cope with such news.

The things that get me every time I watch a reality program on the television, and knowing it happens in our cities and towns, and knowing that it is never going to change unless our government decides to get tough.

When they stop someone and the police can smell alcohol on their breath or when there has been an accident and they breathalyse the culprit, as is the law, if they are over the limit, they arrest them, take them back to the station, re-breathalyse them on the machine, then take the lowest reading. Which is what the law tells them they have to do.

They then can either release you if the lowest score is under the legal limit or charge you if it is over.

You will then be put into a cell until you sober up, you will then be released, to appear at court at a later date.

But in the meantime, you will be still allowed to drive, now to me, and this is my view, your driving licence should be revoked until you have appeared at court.

I personally think if you have had a drink and decided to get into your car, then the chances are you will do it again, and if you got away with it once or twice, one of the times you may not be so lucky, or that car, that you just hit, with the family in it, or that pedestrian crossing the road that you just killed because you didn’t see them in time.

When you have a drink although you may think you are okay to drive, and you will not have an accident, is it really worth taking the risk.

After all, if you do get stopped by the police, and you are found to be over the legal limit, you will be charged and you will have to suffer the consequences, which may include telling your family, your boss, your friends….then how would you feel.

I think the law needs to be changed and there should not even be a legal limit, I think we should have a zero limit…..it may then change people’s attitudes to drinking and then driving because even having one drink, you will almost certainly lose your licence.