When you learn to drive you’re driving instructor will discuss with you as part of your first lesson will be the Cockpit Drill.

These checks are for your safety, the safety of any passengers and other road users. Because we need to be safe on the road.

Every time you get into the vehicle you You need to do this because this help to make the drive much more comfortable.

Door make sure it is closed properly

Seat adjust to suit your driving position


Seatbelt should be able to reach everthing

Mirros because you need to see most areas.

Another thing you will learn on your first lesson will be starting the engine, moving off and stopping.

These skills will teach you how to control the car safely, and it will give you a good working knowledge of the car and controls.
Help you to master hand and foot controls together.

To help yourself with the basics you will need an understanding of the rules of the road, be aware of the needs of other road users, and have a good knowledge of the car that you are driving, such as how to move the stalks for light, indicators, and wipers.

Learning to drive is not just learning how to start the engine and move off.

Hope this helps you learn to drive