Having a little black box in your car can change the insurance you pay for your car, especially if you are a new driver.

Telematics or the little black box is about the size of a smartphone and it goes behind your dashboard and it takes data from your driving and sends it to your insurance company.

The data takes into account the way you accelerate, brake, cornering and speed.

Your insurance company will then give you a score, based on the data that they receive through the black box.

The black box also has GPS, so the data can also tell the insurance company what roads you are driving on, what time of day it is if you take a break, and most importantly if you are unfortunate enough to get your car stolen, it can find it.

Having the little black box in your car can help your insurance to be lower, if you are a careful, sensible driver, your insurance company will review your driving and send you a score, and they then will inform you of how much you could save.

When you are up for renewal again, as long as you have kept up with careful driving, you will likely get a lower insurance quote effectively saving you money.

For consistently driving sensibly, your insurance quote has the potential to save you money, year on year.

Although if you start driving without due care, then in all likelihood your points will go down and on your next renewal, your insurance can go up.

Although the black box does the same thing, it is worth checking with the individual insurance companies how they use the data and how often they send you your messages to keep you informed.

So the better driving you do, the more points you will get, the more you could potentially save.

Not all companies may be using the little black box, and you will need to contact the company for their own terms and conditions if you are interested in having the black box installed in your car.