The Controls

Some of the controls that you can find on the steering wheel panel are indicators, light switches, and window wipers.

It is advised you make yourself aware of these controls, when you first get into your car.

The steering wheel is something that should be controlled with both hands unless you are changing gear or using a different control.

You must return the hand to the wheel immediately after you have finished the task, you should also avoid resting your arm on the door.

When the vehicle is moving you need to hold the steering wheel firmly, and it takes a very little movement to turn the wheel.

The steering wheel controls your driving, it controls the direction you want to travel in, in most vehicles it controls the front wheels,

To steer the car you need to put both hands on the steering wheel, in a position that is comfortable for you, but keeps you in total control at all times.

Keep your movement on the steering wheel smooth and steady, no sudden movements or jerking

You will need to turn the steering wheel more to enable you to get around a corner.

In different vehicles, you may need to move the steering wheel more or less depending on how it responds,