I wonder how many people that want to learn to drive in Leeds choose a qualified ADI instructor or rely on mum and dad or even friends to teach them.

Is it ever a good idea to ask someone to teach you to drive that you share a personal relationship with?

Are they going to be aware of any new rules and regulations that have come into force?

Are they going to be in a position to prevent an accident, have they got dual controls in their car?

Have they got the patience to teach someone to drive, do they have enough experience.

Are they over the age of 21, with at least 3 years of driving experience?

Although many young people rely on their parents to teach them to drive, I personally think this is a bad idea, and my reasons are;

Yes, mum, dad might have lots of experience but have they developed any bad habits that they may pass on to you.

Do they take risks when they are driving, maybe going through the amber light, overtaking in the wrong place, going that little bit over the speed limit.

Are they really qualified to teach you to drive?

It will save you some money if you ask your parents to teach you to drive.

But would it make more sense to actually choose someone who has been trained to a high standard, who has had to pay to take the course to teach others to drive?

A qualified ADI instructor has to undergo strict training, they need to be a certain standard to be able to teach people to drive, and they are then tested every so often to verify they are still at the standard to teach.

They are aware of any changes to rules and regulations.

They have dual controls in their car, with the potential to avert an accident.

They are aware of not only what you, the learner is doing, but they are also aware of what is happening all around them.

They are teachers, they teach you how to drive, safely, they will teach you all elements of driving, they teach you how to deal with other vehicles and hazards, teach you the different roads that you will encounter, speed limits, every aspect of the skills you require to take you to the standard you need to pass your driving test

I know who I would choose if I was learning to drive, do you?