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Good Driving Instructor

So what does a good driving instructor look like? Well I would would like to think that I am a good driving instructor but that is my opinion.

In my view a good driving instructor has to have a lot of time for each individual as they all have different speeds that they learn at. It is also good for the driving instructor to be honest in the whole approach to the learner. Sometimes some driving instructors, say that they are doing really well but infact they are not some of the drivng instructors seem to think this is a way of keeping them happy,  when really it will just make the learner unhappy that they sem to do the same mistake and the instructor say that it is not wrong. Some encouragement is good as it lets the learner know they are doing well.

Another factor is not to be so tense with the learner as you pass those vibes on. Try to be a little relaxed while you are teaching and create the relaxed atmosphere. Listen to the learner they will give you clues on what they are struggeling  with.

You have chosen this career path I am guessing to help people to learn to drive and and make some money, so why not enjoy it instead of complaining over everything.

One thing you have to remember is that without the learners coming to you, you are unable to do the job you want.

While it is good to go indepth with each subject in my mind why spend 3 or 4 lessons on the same thing when you can see that they are getting fed up with repeating the same thing over and over again.

So if you want to be a dring instructor have a think see if you can do some of these things as you are creating a new driver you want to pass on good habits so that they will pass them down the line.

Thank you for reading this I hope you enjoyed it.


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