So in this lesson, you will be turning left. There are two left turns one is called turning left major to minor. The other is emerging left.

With all driving, you will always use MSPSLM which is Mirror, Signal, Position, Speed, Look and Manoeuvre.

So let’s look at the left turn major to minor. This is where you turn into a road where you give way if coming out of the same road.

You are driving along the road and are asked to take the next left. Once you have seen that left the first this is to check your centre and left door mirror. Then you would when suitable signal left. The next this to do is is position yourself closer to the left of your lane. (not too close). You then need to start slowing the vehicle down to a safe speed to turn left.

Once you are close to the junction and you can you need to look down the road you will be driving into, You are looking for anything that may slow or change your road position. So now you turn to your left to drive down the new road,

Once you have completed the turn check your centre and left door mirror to make sure it is still safe and drive on.

Then there is emerging from the left. On this, we will assume it is a closed Junction. This is where you can not see what is coming from either side of the new road.

For this, as you are approaching your junction you will be asked to turn left at the end of the road.

So you check your centre and left door mirror. Then you would signal. It is then time to position yourselves to the left-hand side of your lane, keeping reasonably close to the kerb.

Your speed will be a stop as you are unable to see the road you are joining. When stopped look left and right looking for a safe gap. When you see the safe gap then move off checking your mirrors once you have moved off.

I hope this helps with your driving lesson

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