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Reverse Around a Corner

For this manoeuvre, your examiner will ask you to pull up in a safe, legal and convenient place. They will ask you to do the reverse to the left on the next junction and if you have any questions.

There are two types of corners that you may reverse around, a sharp and a rounded corner. Both require similar movements but your steering will be heavier on the sharper turn.

The process begins when you are stopped near the kerb – about the distance of a drain away. Apply your handbrake and put the car into reverse. Don’t forget to check your blind spots before moving! Then reverse backwards, keeping the red spot in the back window in line with the kerb and then in line with the give way line. Once the blue spot is level with the kerb on the road you are reversing into, stop and look around for any oncoming traffic or pedestrians. Never overlook this step!

Once it is safe, turn your steering wheel quickly to the left, looking mainly to the back but always checking that nothing is coming. Follow the shape of the kerb as you turn and reverse into the road.

Once your red spot in the back window is near the centre of the road you are reversing into, slowly steer back to your right to straighten up, keeping the red spot near the kerb but not on it. Once you are straight, continue backwards for three or four car lengths before stopping. Remember that this manoeuvre is not for parking, but to turn around safely.

I really hope this breakdown will make it a lot easier for you to learn the manoeuvre and I look forward to showing you in a lesson.


Mike McGowan

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