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Moving Off & Stopping

This is a useful guide to help you move off and stop safely.

Moving Off

Find the biting point of your car by putting it into first gear with the clutch down and then lifting the clutch until it engages with the gears. Your instructor will always ensure you know how to do this. Check your left door mirror, centre mirror, right door mirror and over your right shoulder to check the blind spot. If something is in the distance, use your indicator to show them your intention. If something is close, wait for them to pass before moving.

When it is safe, release the handbrake by lifting it up, pressing the button and lowering it down. The car will then start to move forward. Steer slightly to the right and lift the clutch. Press the accelerator down a gently increase speed.


When you need to pull up at the side of the road, you must find a safe place. Your driving instructor will help you learn what this looks like. Before starting the movement, check both your centre and left door mirror. If it is safe, indicate to inform other road users of your intentions.

Steer slightly to your left, looking for the reference point I will show you in your lessons. Once you have found the reference point, straighten the car. Take your right foot off the accelerator and use it to brake gently. Once your car begins to judder, put your clutch down and break to stop the car.

Apply the handbrake and put the car into neutral gear. You can then take your feet off the pedals and relax. You have driven a car for the first time! Congratulations!

I hope you find this useful!

Mike McGowan

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