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When people first learn to drive, roundabouts can seem very scary! This guide and my lessons will get you confident and prepared in no time!

During your test and lessons, you will be told which way to go. First, check your mirrors. If you are going left or right (and not straight on), use your indicators to signal to other road users and select the appropriate lane (if it is a larger roundabout). As you approach, adjust your speed and change into the best gear to negotiate the roundabout. Look to the right. If there is a safe gap or no traffic, move around the roundabout while continuing to check your mirrors. Signal before your exit and then move off the roundabout.

If there is traffic, then you must come to a stop and gradually move forward in the queue of cars. Look forward at the vehicles in front so you can follow the flow of traffic, but also to the right to look for openings. When it is safe, proceed onto the roundabout, checking your mirrors and signalling before you exit. Remember to stay in the correct lane by following the road markings. If you are turning right, move over to the left lane gradually after the last exit before yours, always checking your mirrors.

This is the same for all roundabouts in the UK. Whether small, big, funny-shaped or like the magic roundabout in Swindon, the same rules apply. You must always give way to the right and never rush, as you this can lead to dangerous mistakes.

In the video below, I have tackled a roundabout that is on a test route in Leeds. Some people have been getting confused about this one, so I thought a video would help remind you between lessons.

With a fully qualified instructor, particularly one that knows the local Leeds area, you’ll be mastering roundabouts in no time.

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Mike McGowan

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