/The new driving test.

The new driving test.

New driving test


The new driving test started just one month ago. Have you had and people that have had the new driving test?

For me,  3 people have taken the new test in both, Leeds driving test centre and Horsforth driving test centre.

My first student on the new driving test was, at the Horsforth test centre, she thought that the new test was better than the old test. Kendall said, ” I felt happier following the sat nav, as this had me thinking about my driving and also the sat nav.”

The other two tests, were at the Leeds test centre, one of my students has had both versions of the test, she said: ” I feel that there was no difference just a change in the manoeuvres.”

My third person had his new test, this was his first test. He thought that the manoeuvre was strange, that you parked on the right, and then reverse back 2 car lengths. I then pointed out that he has done most of that with me, when we finished his lesson at home. It then clicked why the DVSA have put this on the test.

My initial view of this test was, why would we teach people to drive into a parking bay, then reverse out? Then it was pointed out, that with the turn in the road, you would still be reversing, a bit like coming out of a parking bay. It then made sense to me, I do quite like the new test.

I have not spoken to anyone else about the new test, but I have not heard any complaints about the new test. So I am presuming, that people don’t think that the new test, is that bad at all.

So if you are taking your test soon, don’t worry about it, your instructor would not have said take your test, if you were not ready for the test, so go for your test and believe you can drive.

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